jose ramirez

jose ramirez

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First Name * jose
Last Name * ramirez
Username * meheekano
Country * USA
City Dallas
Nationality Mexican American
Languages Spanish





I am currently working at corgan associates, an architectural fim that has a media lab.
i work in the media lab. in the past this media lab has produced many 3D architectural image stills, and animations. since we have strived to reach over into the entertainment side of the industry, the last 6 months we made huge strides into reaching this goal. we have done character animation shorts and some motion graphics peices, dealing with 3D and 2D based images, and also live footage.

i am happily working as the lead in concept and storyboard. but i also dip into 3D modeling and photoshopping projects also.

thanks for checking out my portfolio. i have yet to fully understand on how to post final images into this forum. but when i do, i will post art work done from here at corgan.


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